Your step-by-step order

The JUNO bed up is designed to adapt to many types of rooms. To ensure it integrates well into yours, we recommend you carefully follow the steps below.

Room dimensions, dimensions of openings, wall and floor verticality, and any specifics related to your room are all crucial points you must pay attention to and take into account before validating your order.

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I choose the dimension and orientation of my Juno

  • Bed size: mattress of 140*200 cm or 160*200 cm.
  • Orientation of the bed: JUNO Horizon or JUNO Vertikal

Once you’ve chosen your model, carefully read its characteristics to ensure it meets your needs and fits the configuration of the room where it will be installed.

Check the overall dimensions of your JUNO model in the product sheet characteristics.


I measure my room to ensure the JUNO I’ve chosen will fit.

Don’t rush! Check in advance:

  • The dimensions of your room (length, width)
  • The ceiling height – The minimum ceiling height is 243 cm, we recommend a standard height of 250 cm –
  • The dimensions of your openings when they are closed and open (windows, doors, cabinet wings, drawer opening) or any specifics of your room (fireplace, under slope…).

Remember to keep a circulation space, we recommend a space of 60 cm around the bed.

Regarding the fixing, thanks to its supports, JUNO has self-support that allows it to be fixed on any wall (plaster, load-bearing…). Perform a level and vertical measurement of your walls and floors.


I consider the assembly.

Two options are available to you:

  • Pro Assembly: Click on the ASSEMBLY option at the product sheet. The assembly is carried out by our professional partners.
  • DIY: Assemble the furniture yourself. Upon receipt of your order payment, we will email you the assembly kit. Call on a friend on the day of assembly!

I upgrade my Juno.

You have the option to upgrade your Juno by opting for additional furniture:

install one or two shelves. These integrate into the JUNO model you have chosen

:+ comfort, this integrated bench will transform your room into a true reception area

I confirm my order.

Check your cart and create your account.
Provide your personal information, billing and delivery addresses.
Validate your delivery mode.
For payment, three choices are available to you:

  • Credit card
  • Credit Card in 3 or 4 installments without fees
  • Bank Transfer

CONGRATULATIONS, your order is confirmed, we will send you a confirmation email.

I receive my order, with or without assembly

It’s the big day. Our professional teams deliver to the room of your choice and assemble the product if you have opted for assembly. If you are assembling your bed yourself, follow the assembly instructions step by step.

Make sure you have your mattress on the day of installation, otherwise, you will not be able to balance your bed.

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