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JUNO Murphy beds are offered in two orientations to best suit your needs and the configurations of your rooms. Whatever configuration you choose, remember to ensure a comfortable circulation space around the bed; we recommend a passage of 60 cm around your bed. Make sure to leave enough space for your openings (doors, windows, closets…), whether your bed is on the floor or the ceiling.

Two possible orientations:

Juno Horizon
The longest side of the bed base and your headboard are positioned parallel to the wall. The wall that hosts the wall structure must measure a minimum of 2.50 meters (overall assembly dimension).

Juno Vertikal
The JUNO Vertikal Murphy bed is specially designed for elongated rooms.
Your headboard will be against the wall structure of JUNO, and you can access your bed from the right or left.

IMPORTANT: Always lower the bed’s feet before sitting or sleeping!

JUNO Murphy beds are offered in two bed sizes: 140×200 cm and 160×200 cm.

JUNO adapts to bedding standards to offer daily comfort and genuine sleep quality. The JUNO sleeping platform rests on four supports like a real bed.

Its latest technology integrated bed base with its 26 beech slats and ultra-comfortable end caps will offer you optimal support and peaceful nights. It also ensures good ventilation of your mattress.
The mattress (optional) is then simply placed on your sleeping platform.

IMPORTANT ! On the day of the installation of your bed, it is essential to have your mattress in order to proceed with the adjustments of your bed. The mattress must not exceed a weight of 35 kg.

Don’t have a mattress? No problem, MAFAEL offers the LUNA mattress, specially selected for the JUNO bed up. Ready-to-carry, ready-to-unroll, ready-to-use, LUNA is offered at an attractive price.

JUNO adapts to all sleepers.

The JUNO 140 accommodates a 140×200 cm mattress ideal for a small room for one or two people.
The JUNO 160 accommodates a 160×200 cm mattress ideal for two people.

JUNO combines materials to ensure design, comfort, and robustness.

The sleeping platform, made of solid wood from French forests, is combined with the wall structure in melamine panel.
The slatted frame is made of beechwood to ensure even more comfort.
The underside of the bed in stretch fabric, soft to the touch, and bright white, will dress and illuminate your interior during the day. Manufactured by our German neighbors, this fabric is certified as fire-retardant B1.

With its soft and natural hues, the JUNO Murphy bed has been designed to please the greatest number and match your interior decoration.The authenticity of the pine coated with natural varnish joins the color cashmere gray of the structure.

A little extra touch, the blue of its rope brings an inimitable cachet to your bed!

JUNO easily raises to the ceiling thanks to its counterweight system. A fully mechanical system – no possible breakdown – the bed cannot descend on its own without being manipulated.
Its rope and pulley system allows for a simple and playful start to the ascent and descent of JUNO.

JUNO is ideally designed for standard ceilings of 250 cm.

Remember to bring your mattress on the day of installation and make space in the room.

No one knows the specifics of your room better than you, so be sure to measure the space you’ll need to move around, for your openings (doors and windows…), and the specifics of your room (radiators…).

Regarding fixing, JUNO can be installed on all types of walls, no need for load-bearing walls. Its stays with clean and graphic lines ensure its stability and self-support. You must fix your JUNO to the wall of your choice with the two wall fixings provided.

If you have a DIY spirit, you can assemble your JUNO yourself with the help of another person. Packaged as a kit, this Murphy bed is ready to be assembled. We provide you with instructions and a list of tools you will need. You can prepare now by getting the right tools. Thus, on D-day of delivery, you will be ready! Read the instructions carefully, step by step.

Not the DIY type, don’t panic! We offer an assembly service. Just click on the assembly option in addition to your product.

Be sure to check the overall dimensions of your model and add 20 cm around the wall structure for the assembly of your bed.

Behind the furniture of the MAFAEL brand, there are talents teeming with ideas to design bold and trendy furniture. JUNO is the result of several months of research and development, where designers and creators have worked hand in hand to offer you this favorite for small spaces.

With its contemporary and playful design, JUNO is designed and manufactured in France between Paris and Vendée, one of the French flagships of furniture manufacturing. We follow the entire chain of your JUNO from design to delivery to your home!

  • A space-saving piece of furniture accessible to all: a space gain of about 4m²
  • Comfortable sleeping for one or two people
  • 100% French design and manufacturing
  • Add-ons (shelves, sofa) for increased modularity
  • Comfort, design, and quality of life rediscovered!


space and comfort night & day

Thanks to its innovative integrated slatted frame, JUNO will ensure you peaceful nights. Its creators put themselves in your place to develop a slatted frame with beechwood slats and ultra-comfortable end caps that will adapt best to all body types.
During the day, gain comfort and m2 by elevating your bed platform to new heights. The + deco for an even greater sense of space: a bright white bed base in textile that will reveal your interior.

design & cutting-edge technology

A last-generation space-saving bed, JUNO has been specially designed to adapt to all walls.Thanks to its sleek self-supporting props, JUNO can be fixed to any wall!
Reliable and quiet, JUNO has a state-of-the-art mechanical lifting system.
Simple and fun, JUNO is mounted and lowered in a single gesture with its rope and pulleys.
Simplified assembly, quick kit delivery, JUNO is ready to be assembled by you!

modular: to each their own juno

Gain in modularity and functionality thanks to its options specially designed for the JUNO bed: the TANA shelf & the SOFA bench. Store your books, decorate your interior, clip a lamp onto the TANA shelves. With the SOFA bench, create the cocoon of your dreams!
No need to go down to the cafe, at aperitif time welcome your loved ones into your new universe!



overall wall structure

217 cm

overall structure + mobile platform + unfolded crutches

193 cm

Overall height

240 cm

Bed height – day position

209 cm


Number of packages


Max. package weight

25 kg

overall structure + mobile platform + unfolded crutches

202 cm



Pine, MDF, Particleboard

Bed base

flame-retardant textile – 140×200 cm


Legal warranty

2 years





Assembly: number of people


Assembly: Level


Bed dimensions

Mattress size (not supplied)

140×200 cm








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