Space optimization is at the heart of our considerations. How to save space? How to add storage? Our teams suggest raising your bed to the ceiling with our Juno slide-aways bed

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The MAFAEL team

Simple and smart, here is JUNO!

JUNO, the bed that raises to the ceiling, will transform your interior!

Its secret: it rises to the ceiling during the day to save space and free up all the floor space. With a pull of a rope, free up your square meters and fully enjoy your home to host your friends or work.

100% French, JUNO has been designed to easily adapt to your interiors. All you have to do is choose the orientation of the bed and the size of your sleeping area.

Accessible with one click, JUNO is delivered ready to be assembled by you! If you’re not the DIY type, no worries, we offer an installation and assembly service, available throughout metropolitan France!

The MAFAEL team

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The characteristics of the ceiling bed JUNO
  • Sleeping area 140 x 200 cm ou 160 x 200 cm
  • Lying direction: horizontale ou verticale
  • Comfortable sleeping area for daily use
  • Four ground supports in night position
  • Self-supporting – can be fixed on any type of wall
  • Guaranteed space saving
  • Landes Pine PEFC, high-strength aluminum system, panels.
  • Made in France
  • Additional fittings: the SOFA bench, the TANA shelf



Mattress 140*200 or 160*200 cm


The sofa adapted to your JUNO


1 or 2 shelves adapted to your JUNO

Need inspiration?

Our limited editions Jun’art

The artist Lady M revisits the underside of the JUNO bed.

Juno without effort!

Discover how to handle the JUNO bed.

Miss M

Discover our animation with our mascot Miss M.


Find more sources of inspiration in our gallery.

Always + daring

MAFAEL, a new player in space-saving furniture, was born in the heart of the bustling French capital, Paris, where student rooms, small studios, shared rooms coexist…

For the MAFAEL team, there is inspiration there, even a lot of inspiration!

The observation is clear: we are increasingly living in small spaces, and at what cost! To optimize these spaces, beautiful solutions exist, but they are often inaccessible. MAFAEL wanted to change the game by simplifying the rules of space-saving furniture and offering furniture specially designed for small surfaces, accessible and available with one click!

From this observation, the MAFAEL team had only one idea in mind: TO SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE!

Our team works every day to:

  • Design space-saving furniture that meets our new lifestyles: design furniture that is accessible, easy to carry & assemble.
  • Simplify orders: no need to wait weeks and weeks to get your furniture. You choose the product you like and it is delivered in less than 3 weeks. Our goal is, of course, for you to enjoy your furniture as soon as possible and everywhere in metropolitan France.
  • Reduce costs by decreasing intermediaries: your bed is imagined by a team of designer-creators, manufactured by our Vendée partners, and delivered to your home.
  • Manufacture furniture respecting our environment, by selecting sustainable materials and acting locally!

All our products are offered at a fair price, commensurate with the quality of the materials and manufacturing. Indeed, we think local first to reduce costs, and reduce our environmental impact by working with local partners.

With JUNO, small spaces are no longer a fatality!
No more toes stubbed on bed feet or lack of space at home, JUNO is your ally to gain space, well-being, and comfort.
With a turn of a rope, hoist your bed to the ceiling and discover your interior like you’ve never seen it before!
You recover all the floor space and just have to rack your brains to redo your decor and fully enjoy your new cocoon.

  • ERGONOMICS: JUNO has been specially designed to meet the standards and criteria of small apartments in major world cities. Adapted to our lifestyles, JUNO will bring you comfort and robustness.
  • RELIABILITY: thanks to its proven mechanism and the selection of its materials, JUNO ensures safety and robustness. You sleep like in a real bed and regain your space the rest of the time.
  • COMFORT: Thanks to its latest technology integrated bed base, your mattress will best conform to your body to ensure peaceful nights. With its feet and wall structure, you sleep on four supports like in a classic bed.
  • SELF-SUPPORTING: The props ensure self-support for this piece of furniture. JUNO thus fixes on any wall (plasterboard, load-bearing walls…), and this notably to avoid swaying.
  • DESIGN: Designed by enthusiasts, they wanted it to be sober and refined so that it blends perfectly into all interiors. JUNO offers a combination of materials, textures, and shades, and straight, simple, and elegant lines.
  • TRANSPORT: Right out of the factory, the Murphy bed kit, JUNO, is easy to transport. Its packages have been designed to sneak everywhere, even in the most quirky staircases. We know, we’ve tested it 🙂
  • ASSEMBLY: JUNO has also been designed to be easy to assemble. Of course, you need to be a bit handy, and we support you with a detailed manual, tested by both professional and non-professional handymen.
  • ACCESSIBLE: Thought for small budgets, JUNO is offered at a fair price all year round.

JUNO is MODULAR. At MAFAEL, we are inspired by everyday life to develop clever furniture. JUNO can be modified according to your desires and needs. UNO welcomes one or two shelves and an integrated sofa, these additions have been designed in perfect harmony with your bed up. So, whenever you want, you can still transform your room by creating a living area or transform your shelves into a bedside table.

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