Juno bed up assembly


JUNO, the wall bed designed to sneak into small spaces and be easily assembled!

The JUNO Challenge: To make daily life easier for everyone living in small spaces!

Democratizing a space-saving bed is primarily about putting oneself in the users’ shoes. JUNO was thus conceived to meet the expectations and needs of users, whether through its aesthetics, functionality, or essential properties like space-saving, but also its delivery and assembly services!

JUNO, the Pass-Everywhere

For its first journey out of the manufacturing plant, JUNO went to the land of small spaces: PARIS.

After passing the transport test, JUNO took on the elevator challenge! And, not just any elevator. You know, that vintage elevator with two swinging doors that snap at your nose, barely do you try to hold one door that the other slams on your shoulder.

Do you see it? Well, it was in that very one that the JUNO packages ascended, effortlessly. Each package of the JUNO wall bed is manageable by one person, measuring up to 2.10 m and weighing no more than 25 kg!

A true feat in the furniture sector.

Once at the top of the elevator, the team of testers was not at the end of their surprises. A spiral staircase awaited them. With its manageable packages, JUNO slips through everywhere, and the team could brilliantly and effortlessly deliver the JUNO packages to their destination.

For MAFAEL, it was crucial that the JUNO furniture adapts to everyday life situations. A space-saving piece of furniture must be designed for people living in tight or quirky spaces.

Doc’s Pause: We’d like to remind you of the importance, indeed essential, of adopting a proper posture when carrying packages! Whenever you’re lifting more than 5 kg, it’s crucial to maintain a proper stance: lift each JUNO package with a straight back and bent knees. Indeed, adopting the correct technique helps protect your discs and distributes the load evenly.
Poor posture can lead to back pain, and at MAFAEL, we wouldn’t want our users to experience such issues. We advise you to maintain a stable and secure position, carry the package with both hands, squat to lift the package with a straight and flat back. Make sure to carry the load as close to your body as possible!
Do not arch your back and do not lift the packages abruptly.

And They Assembled and Assembled


JUNO was then assembled by teams of DIY enthusiasts who were unfamiliar with the product.

Test passed!

Here’s what our tester Nicolas said:

I consider myself a good handyman, but it’s definitely not my profession. We assembled the JUNO wall bed as a duo; the person accompanying me was less accustomed to assembling furniture than I was, but that was just fine; no more was needed.

We were very pleasantly surprised by the assembly, especially by the clarity of the instructions. They helped us understand the steps of the assembly process step by step.

I found the way the packages were orchestrated to be very practical and ingenious. You open the packages as you progress through the instructions, and that really is a plus! Similarly, for the hardware, each bag has been designed to simplify assembly, and it shows. Of course, you need to have some time available and, most importantly, not rush and read each step carefully.

MAFAEL also provides a comprehensive list of necessary tools, which is very handy for preparing in advance.

The question everyone asks: how long did it take you to assemble the JUNO bed up?

It took us about 5 hours, but we are not professionals! We were completely new to the product. Despite this, I think we were good testers 🙂

Do you have any advice to share with JUNO DIYers?

It’s really important to plan in advance where the bed will be placed. The location is crucial to decide whether you opt for a JUNO Horizon or Vertikal, depending on whether your room is wider or longer. It’s also important to measure your room, windows, doors, closets, etc., and whether the doors are open or closed. You need to consider the space the bed will need both when it’s on the floor and when it’s raised to the ceiling. Another important point to consider is the verticality of the floors and walls. The JUNO wall bed has adjustment jacks, but there are rules to follow!

MAFAEL has thoughtfully reminded us of these in their FAQ.

Discover the behind-the-scenes of the JUNO assembly!

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